Congratulations! You’ve arrived at the doorstep of India’s foremost real estate developers.

We at Mittal Universal build on your wishes - your trust.

Upholding a legacy of being the pioneers in the construction industry for nearly 70 years,
we never stop evolving. We were the first construction house to offer privately-owned residences for sale in India.
Our forefathers shaped Mittal Builders and embedded the spirit of putting people first - on which we continue, with a new age outlook.

We always strike a balance.
We understand your needs and we also see the future,
looking to cater to every local need with the best global influences.

Mittal Universal: A pan Indian foothold.
With more than 50 million sq ft constructed in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore,
Hyderabad and Nagpur, we offer housing opportunities to every sector of the society
- from budget to premium, luxury and even the super luxury segments. Having built
more than 2000 buildings for all sorts of projects - Residential, Commercial and Townships
- we look to satisfy the vision and requirement of each client. Every single time.

We create Landmarks - not just buildings.
Working in collaboration with the world’s best technology firms,
design gurus and construction materials
- our projects are not only blessed with incredible heritage and legacy
but inculcate every desire of a modern Indian.
Sharp insights into the future and an affinity for the latest construction trends have enabled
Mittal Universal to turn buildings into landmark properties that redefine the skyline of the fastest growing economy of the world.

Our Vision
- To become a benchmark for Quality, Innovation and
- Trust in the construction industry.

Our Mission
- To translate your big Indian dream into a strong home, your family deserves.
- Constantly innovate and Bring the future - to you.
- Valuing people and relationships over market share.
- Contributing to the society, where we live & work.

The offices, the homes and even the commercial properties that redefine the
Indian landscape, carry the Mittal mark with them.
Because we recognise the fast pace - the "want it all attitude" and that's why
we never shy away from delivering you the best! This journey began back in...

The 1950's
In the age of "pagadi" (tenancy) - Mittal Builders were amongst the first to
form an enterprise that aim to provide, housing for sale in India.
Hence, for the first time in India - the concept of property investment for both
residential and commercial purposes was introduced.
Mittal Group has revamped the face of the Indian landscape - executing path-breaking
designs, quality structures, innovative functionalities and many world-class centres.

Responsible for giving the Indian business community a global presence,
the Mittal Group was the first to develop Nariman Point - Mumbai's famous business
district. Also known as the "Manhattan of India" - today, it's the costliest real estate in the country.
Being India's premier construction house, we carry with us the foresight & the legacy of
many such firsts in Indian construction scenario. One of them being in the 1970s
- with the introduction of a "Township Concept".

Arising from the foresight that major Indian cities will be overpopulated soon,
we created Mini Townships. First of which were implemented in Mumbai, Thane and
Brindavan. Owing to their huge success - this concept was re-created for the other
cities of the country. Today, these townships have the best of amenities and facilities
in the world - creating cities within cities, a concept that is a byword across India now.

In the 1990s,
Mittal Universal paved the way for the Mill Redevelopment Project in Mumbai.
Being the first builders to take up the modernisation of the old cotton mills,
that once dotted the landscape of Mumbai.
We built the Phoenix Towers and ushered a new wave of growth!

At Mittal Universal, with every project -
we emphasize on building relationships and trust.
Our new-age brand is deeply rooted in the core values that have upheld
the name, “Mittal” for over six decades. At the same time,
we strive to create new bonds every day.
Throughout the country,
we always aim to make the extraordinary happen in your home,
with every new project that we undertake.

The monogram has been derived from the “TT” presents in the original Mittal logo.
Signifying that, even though we’re a new brand with a contemporary outlook,
we never underestimate the value of relationships already built.
The logo is constructed using four “T's”, reinstating our tagline “Building on Trust”
- the words that we live by and will always wish to achieve.